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Our Programs

Get to know the programs that are making a difference and changing the future of our communities.

The Main Programs

Here are our core programs and initiatives we support

Small Business Services

Spanish Language Business Support

At Startup Unidos we continue to contribute to positive economic impact by establishing new businesses and increasing social capital. We’ve received commendation for supporting underserved communities and alleviating poverty at the state level by increasing entrepreneurial opportunities. Our contributions are not only game-changing, but life-altering.

We are currently offering our bilingual small business support services in Santa Cruz, Cochise and Yuma through our programs with AZ Navigator, Digital Capacity for Santa Cruz County Retail and Service, and SBDC.


Borderlands Waste Innovation

Our main sustainability project is creating educational and experiential opportunities for young people to transform their communities by researching, developing, and implementing real solutions to address the issues of food surplus in the region 

Emprende Amigo Youth

Youth Workforce Development

Emprende Amigo Youth (EAY) is a bilingual, international, fully remote, youth course on the foundations of entrepreneurship. This innovative program instructs in both culturally and geographically relevant topics for the emerging entrepreneur, including the state of:

  • Entrepreneurship, startup culture and communities
  • STEM
  • Public speaking
  • Lean startup methodology
  • Business model generation
  • Business formation and organization
  • Marketing and online commerce



Startup Community Hub

Borderoots highlights the creative, innovative, and influential changemakers living and working along the 3,145 km long border line.

We do this by educating, inspiring, mobilizing, and connecting. We give borderlanders a platform to find and express their voices, have experiences, share knowledge, and ultimately, the insights to be innovative in their communities.




Our core catalyst events


Techstars | Startup Weekend · Social Impact Nogales 2022

Aprenda a pensar, trabajar, y construir como una startup en 54 emocionantes horas.

Un evento Techstars Startup Weekend es una incursión emocionante e inmersiva en el mundo de las startups. Durante tres días llenos de acción, conocerá a los mejores mentores, inversores, cofundadores y patrocinadores para mostrarle cómo hacer más cosas más rápido y, tal vez, incluso comenzar un emprendimiento.