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Meet the amazing individuals behind Startup Unidos.

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We're a diverse and dynamic team with a shared mission: transforming communities and fostering innovation.

We thrive on collaboration and personal growth. Entrepreneurs, experts, educators, or changemakers, your unique skills are vital. 


Meet the amazing individuals behind Startup Unidos

Stéphanie Bermúdez

Founder & Principal
Stéphanie, a dynamic force in binational business opportunities and cultural inclusion, boasts 15+ years of experience cultivating deep local relationships and earning respect across society. She focuses on fostering entrepreneurial communities and networks through events, training, consulting, and research, extending her impact beyond Southern Arizona. Specializing in the region's binational business ecosystem, she offers tailored services, particularly for Spanish-speaking individuals and organizations, embodying a servant's dedication to radical inclusion and cultural competence.

Stéphanie's track record reveals her passion for dismantling systemic barriers and supporting diverse small businesses in their entrepreneurial journey. As a sought-after collaborator, she provides invaluable guidance on executing transformative cultural inclusion initiatives, utilizing innovative approaches to engage "hard-to-reach" participants.

Her impact is palpable through her work with organizations like Startup Unidos and Still Good, where she excels in bridging cultures and fostering collaboration, catalyzing transformative change in communities.
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Alejandra Cañedo

Creative Service Designer & Director
Alejandra, an Industrial Designer and Storyteller from Hermosillo, Sonora, possesses a bicultural education and a thirst for knowledge. Her skill set encompasses process-focused storytelling, human-centered design, communication sciences, multimedia editing, empathetic graphic design, and sustainability. Alejandra harnesses innovation tools like Design thinking and Lean Service Creation to forge impactful collaborations and experiences.

Growing up in Sonora's capital, Alejandra attended American schooling four days a week and dedicated the remaining day to the Sonoran curriculum. Fluent in English and intimately familiar with both educational systems, she excels in crafting Spanish-language content that's contextually relevant and accessible to diverse audiences. As an expert in the local Tucson business ecosystem, she offers specialized support to Spanish-speaking and Hispanic-serving individuals. Alejandra boasts a proven track record of driving entrepreneurial and financial growth for small businesses, especially within diverse populations. Her proficiency in organizational development, coaching, and training cements her status as a bi-cultural and bi-national program delivery expert.

In essence, Alejandra Cañedo's multidisciplinary expertise, coupled with her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, positions her as a priceless asset in industrial design, storytelling, and cross-cultural communication. Her relentless pursuit of creating meaningful experiences and nurturing inclusive community growth, driven by her diverse skill set and extensive experience, sets her apart as a transformative force.
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Our Network of Collaborators, Advisors, Interns y mas

We value every individual who has contributed to our journey, whether past or present. With each milestone, we've collaborated to build a community we proudly call our network. Together, we drive innovation, change lives, and create lasting impact in underserved communities.

Alexis Sanchez

Advisor and Author (active)

Robert Johnson

EdTech Expert 2017 - 2022

Sergio Astorga

Project Coordinator 2022 - 2023

Samantha Mata

Earth Grant Intern 2022

Vivan Probst

Marketing Intern 2023

Omar Gutierrez

Coach, Design
2019 - 2020 

Alberto Poblete

Intern 2019
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