About Startup Unidos

The Arizona - Sonora Entrepreneurship Network:
Creativity, imagination and innovation do not hide behind walls or stop at imaginary borderlines. Startup Unidos is committed to using the power of technology, culture and inspiration to create vibrant, border regions where knowledge and ideas are shared.

Who We Are

Our approach is simple - we believe in people and the future of bi-national relationships.
At Startup Unidos, we are a community of binational believers, driven by a vision of prosperity in the borderlands. Spanning Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora, our grassroots organization is on the ground, nurturing emerging companies, assisting in the growth of firms, building the workforce of the future, and supporting partner organizations in reaching underserved pockets of the borderlands.

We view challenges at the border as opportunities, and our binational and bilingual approach bridges diverse networks across industry, government, academia, and grassroots movements. We bring culturally-anchored entrepreneurship support and innovative workforce development to overlooked border communities, championing economic livelihood in the region.

Our commitment to long-term growth and success in Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora is unwavering. We develop bilingual programs and tools that are culturally anchored and uniquely reach underserved border communities. Our contributions are not just game-changing; they are life-altering.

What We Do

Startup Unidos is a binational organization that bridges borders and sparks innovation. We empower underserved border communities through bilingual education, culturally anchored programs, and unique approaches to create lasting economic impact. Our vision is to strengthen the US/MEX Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, building capacity, fostering collaboration, and transforming lives on both sides of the border.

Cultivating Bilingual Education and Digital Capacity

We go to hard-to-reach places and employ innovative methods to deliver impactful programs. Our unique binational and bilingual approach bridges gaps and unites diverse networks from industry, government, academia, and grassroots movements. We provide culturally-anchored entrepreneurship support and innovative workforce development to overlooked border communities.

Fostering Binational, Bilingual Culture

Everything we do is rooted in passion and impact for the binational, bilingual culture of the Arizona USA and Sonora MEX region. Our approach, from branding to program structure and marketing, places our passion for the communities we serve at the forefront. Our business model celebrates the unique history and people of our region.

Championing Social and Environmental Justice

At Startup Unidos, we view border challenges as opportunities to address social and environmental justice issues. We are trusted by our partners and often stand out as the only organization of its kind in the pack. Our commitment to understanding the Arizona-Sonora mega-region allows us to share our expertise beyond borders.

Pioneering Innovation and Trust

We are trusted pioneers in laying the groundwork for innovation, nurturing emerging entrepreneurs on both sides of the border. We help them connect with their community, gain industry knowledge, and create innovative solutions for their local area.
SU is like a compass for borderland innovation, always pointing in the direction of progress and empowerment.
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