About Startup Unidos

The Arizona - Sonora Entrepreneurship Network:
Creativity, imagination and innovation do not hide behind walls or stop at imaginary borderlines. Startup Unidos is committed to using the power of technology, culture and inspiration to create vibrant, border regions where knowledge and ideas are shared.

Who We Are

Our approach is simple - we believe in people and the future of bi-national relationships.
We support potential and our results are measured by the lives that are transformed. Everyone's story is unique and our programs are as diverse as the humans they benefit. We partner with innovative individuals and communities in Southern Arizona who are committed to creating change.

From providing programing so a that young entrepreneurs can start their own business, to learning about the impact our food waste has on our community, we get things done. We've helped close to hundreds of people and we're just getting started.

What We Do

At Startup Unidos our programs are focused on the work, not defined by it. Rather than categorizing people in need, we empower them to transform their circumstances. By identifying gaps and strategically investing in educational solutions, we're able to facilitate real change in the following areas:

Bi-national Innovation

Innovation emerges from a desire for self-expression and to make life easier. This desire is common to all people. Startup Unidos recognizes and harnesses the passion present in American and Mexican nationals to innovate beyond the idea of borders.

In a world were separation is the norm we focus the qualities that bring us together. The idea of working together is simple yet an example of innovation at work. Our programs are practical and use AGILE methods. They reach deep into cities on both sides of the border and foster an environment of impactful idea sharing and purpose.

Cross-Border Collaboration

We recognize the significance of individual and organizational goals, ideas, and values throughout the Arizona-Sonora region. Our relationships are deep. They are bilingual, binational and celebrate the best expression of innovation, creativity and critical inquiry.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

At Startup Unidos we believe that entrepreneurs are made, not born. The social, cultural and economic background of those we support are important to us. Our programing is especially sensitive to these considerations because we are committed to leveling the playing field for opportunity.

We do this by cultivating within each of of our participants the ability to see needs, and understand how to develop products and services that meet these needs. No matter how diverse your background, we welcome your contribution to the growth of the Arizona-Sonora region.


The youth we work with know that school is the key to a better future and they're eager to learn. We provide resources and opportunities in education to the communities that need it most. When the youth are educated, they have the tools to pull themselves and their families to a brand new height.

Startup Unidos programs are as diverse as the people they benefit because we believe opportunity comes in many forms.
Whether it’s an idea, an individual, a organization or an entire community — we invest in what is possible.
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