Borderoots highlights the creative, innovative, and influential changemakers living and working along the 3,145 km long border line. We do this by educating, inspiring, mobilizing, and connecting. We give borderlanders a platform to find and express their voices, have experiences, share knowledge, and ultimately, the insights to be innovative in their communities. Startup Unidos sees challenges at the border as opportunities. SU spans across boundaries with a unique binational and bilingual approach that unites diverse networks from industry, government, academia, and grassroots movements to bring culturally-anchored entrepreneurship support and innovative workforce development to overlooked border communities.
Many of us are American grown with deep Mexican roots. We are proud to be American and proud to be Mexican. We honor that an invisible line may separate our land, but it does not separate us from ourselves and from each other.

The need for real, lasting change along the border continues to grow. Borderoots encourages engaging community in discourse to develop a deeper understanding of strengths and barriers to sustainable environmental practices in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, while addressing perceived barriers for the borderlands.

Despite encountering many challenges, we have not let these become barriers. Our determination and perseverance to long term change has allowed us to instead see them as opportunities to unify our efforts where before we have been divided.

We’ll do this by mobilizing borderlanders and by recruiting and uniting champions, leaders, stakeholders, and change agents in communities that want to be part of the bigger picture.

We are enthusiastically committed to empower emerging borderland entrepreneurs to self identify, gain industry knowledge, connect to culture and community, solve local problems, innovate and prosper like never before.
June '21

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If you identify as a Borderlander or are curious what connecting with other Borderlanders might look like, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming programs ([email protected]). We are constantly seeking speakers, strategic partners, fiscal partners, participants, and volunteers to help us better galvanize Borderland communities.
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