The Arizona – Sonora entrepreneurship network

Bi-National Innovation

Creativity, imagination and innovation do not hide behind walls or stop at imaginary borderlines.  Startup Unidos is committed to using the power of technology, culture and inspiration to create vibrant, border regions where knowledge and ideas are shared.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We are creating new pathways to entrepreneurship and a new breed of entrepreneur. Our network links a diverse group of creators, innovators, and founders across the region to generate high impact startups that stimulate job growth.

Cross-Border Collaboration

We recognize the significance of individual and organizational goals,
ideas, and values throughout the Arizona-Sonora region. Our relationships are deep.
They are bilingual, binational and celebrate the best expression of innovation, creativity and critical inquiry.

We’re creating the future… Join us!


We are experts in calling forth the untapped brilliance of young people. Our youth programs inspire young minds to use their creativity and imagination to solve some of the biggest real-world problems facing the Arizona-Sonora border region.

Inclusive Tech Programming

We believe everyone, regardless of background or economic status should have the opportunity to bring new entrepreneurial ideas to life. Our programs intentionally bridge underrepresented communities with the resources and support needed to succeed in the world of technology.

Community Development

Communities develop best when members work well together and in support of common goals. Our workshops, events and training programs support capacity building and growth for counties, cities and towns throughout the Arizona-Sonora region.


Sponsors & Partners

The problems we are committed to solving in our region are BIG and often require all hands-on-deck.
Communities, governments, corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, small business owners and
concerned citizens
all have the opportunity to sponsor our efforts or partner with us in conventional and unconventional ways.
Contact us to explore ways of working together.

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