We are

Startup Unidos (SU)

Igniting Collaboration, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in Underserved Border Communities Since 2015.

Trusted Local Partners

  • tucson ida

We Are A Community Of Borderlanders Dedicated to Change

We are a community of changemakers dedicated to nurturing emerging companies, fostering growth in firms, building the workforce of the future, and supporting partner organizations in reaching underserved pockets of the borderlands spanning the USA-Mexico border. Our belief is that success should be measured by the lives transformed through our efforts and support. 

For those who appreciate numbers, here's a snapshot: Together, we've empowered over two thousand individuals from the Borderlands region to make a lasting impact on their communities.

Active Inclusive Partnerships


Bilingual Workshop Hours


Bicultural Bordertown Impact 


Binational Youth Workforce

From ages 16 to 25


  • Stephanie Bermudez

    Founder & Principle
  • Alejandra CaƱedo

    Creative Service Designer & Director
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