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Small Business Services

We are currently offering our Spanish language small business support services in Santa Cruz, Cochise and Yuma through our federal partnership with AZNavigator. Other successful partnership programs include Digital Retail Support Services for Santa Cruz County and Arizona SBDC.

Federal Support Partnership



A statewide small business and entrepreneurship assistance center

As one of ten community organizations serving as a spoke in the newly formed AZNavigator coalition, we will work together across Arizona to improve quality and access to no-cost business technical assistance on a variety of topics, depending on each enterprise’s individual needs, including coaching and training to build strong businesses, and delivering resources, certifications, and connections to support growth, inclusivity and resiliency.  
About the Spoke: Startup Unidos 
At Startup Unidos we continue to contribute to positive economic impact by establishing new businesses and increasing social capital. We’ve received commendation for supporting underserved communities and alleviating poverty at the state level by increasing entrepreneurial opportunities in Santa Cruz, Cochise, Yuma, Pima, and Maricopa counties. Our contributions are not only game-changing, but life-altering.

SU network working with partners is equipped on how to do business in Arizona; Business Organizations, Real Property, Financing Secured & Secured Transactions, Employment and Labor Laws, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Mexican Taxes, Exporting Products, Business Assistance in Market Research, Economic Overviews; Workforce, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Fishing, Industry, Export Manufacturing, Commerce, Tax Breaks, Highways and Communications routes, Tourism, Health Care 

    • Crossborder Service Offer
    • Through the AZNavigator, Startup Unidos offers a variety of no-cost business support services including: 
  • *Binational Youth Job Training / Internships
  • *Crossborder Talent Development
  • *Crossborder Relationship Development - (partnering similar organizations)
  • *Sustainable Talent Retention
  • *Transborder Spanish Language Business Assistance


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Past Business Support Partnerships:


County Support Partnership

Digital Retail Support Services for Santa Cruz County 

Supports for Small Businesses, Artists and Non-Profits. Startup Unidos developed and implemented the county’s first small business outreach strategy and marketing plan to support small businesses, in collaboration with the county’s ARPA program. Startup Unidos provided comprehensive bilingual radio, social media, and traditional print media strategy, messaging and execution, and developed and supported small business workshop content development, delivery and logistics. This enabled local small businesses and nonprofits to successfully access information about county small business supports available to them.



State Support Partnership

Arizona Small Business Development Center (AZSBDC)

Our approach is based on a social equity model: we put boots on the ground to ask the right, important questions so that the end user is put first. This is the fabric of how we operate at Startup Unidos. 

The Governor's Office (ARPA-Funded)
    • Recovery is an ambiguous and complex word and there’s no one answer to the diverse needs of Arizona’s small businesses. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Arizona community-led organizations serving all 15 counties across the state to launch the AZNavigator. The AZNavigator is a team of 10 organizations working together across Arizona to improve quality and access to small business support services. From startups to established businesses, the network of experts can help stabilize, reinvent, or scale
    • your company.

- Local First ARIZONA

Our goals for the next two years

over the Santa Cruz, Cochise, and Yuma counties

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