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Emprende Amigo Youth

These type of programs have a lasting impact on regional youth and the business community. Once exposed to unfolding ideas and starting up, they're sure to reach for career and educational aspirations they had not considered before!

Youth Workforce Development 

Emprende Amigo Youth


    • Overview

      Emprende Amigo Youth (EAY) is a bilingual, international, fully remote, youth course on the foundations of entrepreneurship. 
    • This program solves for the lack of opportunities in the region by being a launchpad for emerging entrepreneurs. A young or first-time entrepreneur needs community and mentorship to learn the ropes, to fail forward, and to feel empowered that they are supported in their endeavors. EAY helps uplift the next generation of entrepreneurs by delivering on three key offerings: an online certification, virtual pop ups, and immersive weekend programs.

    • Topics:

      1. *Entrepreneurship, startup culture and communities
        *Public speaking
        *Lean startup methodology
        *Business model generation
        *Access to capital
        *Business formation and organization
        *Marketing and online commerce.


        Pop ups

        • Stephanie Bermudez -  "Networking & LinkedIn 101"

          Erica Cantua - "E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship"

          Rafael Pesqueira - "Tech Entrepreneurship & Pitching to Investors"

          Samantha Mata - "Leadership & STEM Entrepreneurship"

          Sergio Astorga - "Law and What to Consider When Developing a Startup"

          Mikayla Curcio - "Infographics & Digital Storytelling"






“After EAY, I feel inspired and ready to start the next chapter in my life as an entrepreneur. I have been wanting to start my own business for years, but I haven't had the confidence to take those next steps. EAY gave me the tools that I need to take my dreams out of my head, put them down on paper, and ultimately make them a reality.”


EAY Ambassador 

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from ages 13-17


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