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Startup Weekend

Tucson AZ

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    The work we strive to do requires the most ambitious, passionate and talented individuals who want to serve the same mission as us. The need and desire for change here is growing, the passion of both American and Mexican nationals to innovate and collaborate is at an all-time high and the urgency and visibility of waste-related issues at the border is accelerating. Join us today!

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    Startup Unidos provides partners the resources, programming and perspective to provide the outreach towards borderlands, LATINX and other communities. We are a proven organization with countless of support and it comes from our years of reliable services on the ground. There's often a disconnect with the community we work with and we help innovate the intersection between organizations and people. Think of us as a pathway to help bridge the relationship of the communities we reach and serve.

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    Leave your mark on the world in a positive way by spreading wealth to those in need. Their lives will be changed for the good, as will yours.